Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exercise Journal Day 1

"Believe that you can be yourself when you do jogging" is what my Uncle David always says. Uncle David has had life threatening issues with his blood sugar most of his adult life and it's crippled his social life to the point he's considered ending it all (J/K).

I hope his glucose levels become stable but at the same time I hope he pays back the money he owes my parents. We need that money back David.

During the jog make sure you bring the perfect amount of water to quench your thirst for when you begin to become parched. At the moment you become parched: BOOM QUENCH IT! When I jog, there are days I get very parched and there are also days I have trouble waking up in the morning because of how my life has turned out. But like Uncle David says remember to believe in yourself. Come on, be a man David and pay us back.

JOGGING FACT: The Human body might be over 5% water.

The real secret to jogging is pumping your arms. Like most people, I never used to pump my arms when I jogged. I would run up and down my block at full speed with my arms glued to my sides. Now that I no longer keep my arms at attention and pump every so often, I have increased my speed to slightly above walking pace.

I did jogging today 2/28/10 for over eight minutes and I believe that's enough to be in shape. Even though it took me an entire day to master jogging I think it was worth it.