Sunday, January 4, 2009

World Peace: The Right Plans

Hello and happy 2008! World Peace might be something that the whole world wants because it could be cool and fun and I think everyone would be a little happier in bingo class LOL (You guys know I am joking. If I offended you, PLEASE don't take this out on me or my family). But seriously, no one knows how to get world peace... am I right? WRONG! I have had this plan for some time, but I haven't been able to post about it because I've been busy at therapy and work. (Me and my therapist have this inside joke, that I'm scared I'll vomit up blood in my sleep LOL!)

1. Stop Wars: I think it will be very hard at first but then people will see how much better the world is without the wars and they will say this, "Oh boy, I admit it we were acting silly before! We shouldn't have been so silly and murdered! I think that is where we made our errors but I am not sure!" (Edit: I make things from scratch like birdhouses, E-mail (electronic mail) Me for more Info).

2. Stop Bad Thoughts: This is important but not very because I think you get it. If you don't have bad thoughts you will be happy! A cool way I try remember this is, anytime I think of violence, I think to myself, "Stop Mart, that's bad, lay off those thoughts for a while", and that helps me stop the thoughts. My therapist Linda Jenson also gave a good tip, she said, if that doesn't work try to snap a rubberband on your wrist to "snap you out of the bad thoughts"! It's not easy to quit all at once so don't get worried! (Like many in their twenties, I have a habbit of ripping out my hair when I get worried, but I am learning to do it less and now you can barely tell! :) :) :)

3. Staying Away from my Family: This is one is essential. There can Be no Peace unless everyone agrees that they will not harm me or my family. Unfortunately this is an issue that I cannot budge on. DON'T TOUCH MY THINGS! There is no middle ground on this. Please Stay away from my family and loved ones.

Editor's Note: This three pronged attack at world peace is for all but if this plan is used for World peace please give me credit.

Peace and Love! Stay away from my family!


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