Monday, January 12, 2009

Whats Hot in Television: Seinfeld

I watched this short movie (on television) last night and I enjoyed it. The movie is about a New York Hipster named Jerry Steinman who wants all his friends to be the coolest ones in their group. In one episode Hipster Jerry Steinman says, "I am the groups coolest" and then his boss George Costanza says, "No Jerry, I am the coolest of the group because I can shoot hoops!". The best part of the show is the hilarious Allen Kramer who is a stern man that now runs the deli and cries about his military fears (Ex: "Help Jerry I'm having a Flashback, I need my medication! LOL.)

The deli is called, "Kooky Kramer's" and everyone who comes in and out of it and says, "Hello Sir" and "Thank ya Madame" (In a sort of spooky way). This part of the movie is disgusting smut that this reviewer thinks should be removed from television. They are posing as being hip but the writers are playing with fire with foul language like, "dumbo", "nerd" and worst of all Jerry's catch phrase "You're a Dingus!". This movie Rules! There is cool funky bass music that plays (that scares everyone who watches).

But wait, the movie is out-there and tottally cool too! Ellen,Jerry's wife kept saying, "Jerry when are we going to smooch on the lips and be safe?"! This is tottally fine for me and the older viewers, but parents might want to censor this for viewer's under the age of 15. I liked how they kept saying, "Kooky Kramer's Sandwich's are a total thumbs down dump" but I didn't like how they kept implying that I was in danger of getting very sick. Stay away from my family Steinman!

The movie has this cool way of tying all the character's stories together. In the one I watched all the characters end up in the same parking lot and at the same time, all the characters (Jemmy, Ellen, Jorge, Kramer) say, "I am the coolest one in the group!" and they all laugh! Then Jorge yells, "Jemmy It's Festivus for the rest of us!". This part I did not get. What is wrong with Jorge? I hope Jorge is okay and there are many more episodes. They say this is a show about nothing but this reviewer thinks, this is a show that is trying to scare you with scary supernatural tales.

Sorry to cut this short, but I have to get to let my father read this and get to bed by 10:15 or Dad will spank me as punishment. I can't wait, in a few years I will be 26 and I am outta my parents house and off to town for career training!

This film was awesome and missed the mark! It gets 3 out of 3 safe families up!

Thanks Guys, From MartyP.


  1. i am going to stab you in your ear with a purple dildo...watchout marty i will kill you

  2. Thanks Die Marty Die for all your support! What do you mean by the word Dinner? I am thankful that you love the website and it's cool to know that I have a number one fan! I just found out today, I may have to get liver surgery and this has brightened my day and made me forget all about it! You are the best!

    Marty P.