Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome Back. New Merchandise Available.

You will notice that there are many new features of the website (wwww.cutthecosby.blogspot.con) but I am still adding more!

In the mean time:

There is official new Specialized CutTheCosby-Gear (hats and shirts) on sale immeidatly in the online store! These specialized hats and shirts are perfect for work, business and casual. And each hat and shirt screams the spirit of CutTheCosby both business and casual. Trust me buddy, I am now selling these hats and shirts full time because it is a total lock. All of the shirts and hats are high quality 100% cotton and come in sizes: Medium.

You can never have just one shirts and hats and they are perfect for all occassions but i'll make a special deal for you. For you, there is a Grand opening sale starting today in which every CutTheCosby item you buy only costs 20 dollars each (plus 15 dollars shipping. Minimum order of 3 hats or shirts per purchase)! At these prices you are stealing from me and I will deliver them to you personally (Price does not include gas money).

All items are available in Medium:

These Boob Man shirts and Hats are made from 100% cotton perfect for any season or occasion. Trust me buddy, be the first one you know to have one (I need this). Boob Man hats and shirts are 100% Cotton and are available in sizes: Medium. Listen in a few weeks you are going to say to me, "Marty I want to be one of the Boob Men?" (Each order must include a Minimum of three hats or shirts or a combination of one hat and two shirts)

To order place your adress and credit card information in the Comment section and I will charge your account (fairly) deliver them to you personally.

I have a strange feeling, "Boob Man" Hats and Shirts are going to be this years "It" item."

"I bought a combination of one hat and two shirts and they are cool! Don't call me at work anymore."- -Mom

"I bought 3 shirts and they are good but not great!"-- Dad

"I bought a combination of one hat and two shirts and now I am one of the Boob Men" --Brother

There is a a Limited amount available. Be one of the first 5,000 people to order and recieve a "Boob Man" key chain (for 4.00$)!

Boob Man Posters and Cups and mouse pads will soon be available.

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