Friday, January 9, 2009

Top Stories: Roger Clemon Tried For Sterods

Roger Clemon (an up and coming Baseball pitcher) is being questioned by a panel of experts for his alleged use of sterods. When asked about his alleged use of the illegal drugs, Clemon said, "When I pitch baseballs I believe in myself like a Champion. The key to success is practice, courage and fear. I hope I'm never crippled in a car accident like Marty's Uncle David!" (Hold on Uncle David. Never give up hope)

When asked about if this will honor his legacy Roger Clemon said, "Like the triumph the insult comic dogs says, this will be a good story FOR ME TO PUKE ON!" I am glad he is taking it with a gain of salt. In the big leagues, Roger Clemon is known for his laziness and always running for help. Sometimes I like to watch and play baseball. My favorite position is watching! When I was younger the coach used to say to me, "Hey, Marty you've got a heck of an arm kid. And you run like the wind to top it all off. You better watch out or I'm going to kill your family!" PLAYY BALLLL!

When I got the chance to speak with Roger Clemon (via electronic mail) I was very excited! He sent me a personal message that showed me a link to join his website and even pay to be an exclusive member of his fan club! I responded back to him with an elctronic mail that said,"Thanks Rog, You are one of my heroes! You can take whatever I have, just please don't hurt me!"

What a fun filled evening! I so a program on discovery channel and I just pray they don't give robots the ability to take over humans cause we'd all be killed LOL. Okay this is my time to say signing off and happy weather! PLEASE DON'T GET MAD AT ME!

Bonus Joke of the Day: Why is my parents fun? Because I am fun! (Don't take it seriously it is just a joke?)

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