Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keep Sitting Tight! But Do what you want to!

Hi Mom and Dad, I'm doing new cool thing with this website and I hope you are proud of me! Thanks Mommy and Poppy, I know you will support me through thick and thin! I make doo's and pee's but no one can know what happens to them! I keep it a secret for the bowl and then only the toilet knows (LOL). This is a magic day! Because my Dad has a birthday coming up and guess what I got him? Pictures of my Parents Divorce! He didn't have them but now he has many of them! And guess what! I am a Champion for it! I hope to have the new website up soon. And I hope no one murders my family! The web-blog won't be that new except I will advertise new products and also have more fun on my life! Thankyou Grammy and Pop Pop for doing pleasure to eachother and making my parents! Today is love! Maybe I can post videos and be a videographer with laughs and challenges, but who knows because only it is up to you (or is it?)(Edit: It is)

Happy Easter
From Marty P. (Super Webmaster)

**Ladies and Gents is short for Ladies and Gentlemen. Get your boards and let's GRIND on the HALF PIPES! I am a Star and I will shine so bright! Because Magic camp only lasts a week and then you are out on your keister with your tricks and you only have your confidence!

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