Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Movie Review: The Step Brothers

Today I saw the movie Step Brothers starring Will Ferris and Joeseph C. Reily! It was a comedy movie about the step brothers! If you do not want the belief to be spoiled for you, do not read on:

I found out after reading on wikipedia that Will Ferris and Joespeh Rily are not really a step brothers! The "Step Brothers" is faked! I'm not sure if there are jokes in the movie. I think there were but I will ask my big brother tonight and re-post when I find out (Edit: There were many jokes in the movie). The Step Brothers have parents which I enjoyed. As one of the jokes, The Step Brothers have different sneakers on and look like they're thinking "Hey, what are we chopped liver?" (LOL) PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING DON'T HURT ME! The Step Brothers never speak back to their parents which is a joke I got! My favorite joke/scene in the movie is when Will Ferris says, "Is it breakfast already" LOL! The way he says it is like he's saying, "Hey what am I chopped liver?" He doesn't say it out loud, but you know!
I didn't get that they don't tell you in the movie that they are NOT really Step Brothers in real life, to try to trick you and make you believe! DO NOT BELIEVE! IT IS A TRICK!

In Conclusion, The story is about two brothers and their family and how they don't want any trouble but want to make jokes. If you want to see real Step Brothers do not see this movie! If you want to see a film about two actors playing pretend and being polite see this movie! I rate this film 3 out of 3 Safe Families Up!

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