Monday, January 19, 2009

This post is safe and Fair. I hope you are not garbage.

Hi Everyone, I am working for a cool new inventory store called Asset Inventories! I told my boss a joke, I said, "I hope I die in a car accident on the way to work!"(LOL). I am fooling you, but I wouldn't mind getting seriously hurt on the job (I just hope I am not poisoned.)! I wouldn't mind getting shot if it was just a joke and everyone jumped up and said, "He is like the Notorious B.I.G. but instead of singing Jazz Words, He is great at checking the Serial and Model numbers on phones!"

I am sorry if I cannot update all the days but I will update some. This is my first post since having a job. No one reads my blog and I am scared I am losing life force, please visit my site and please love your life because you never no when someone is trying to take steps to put you or your family in serious danger.


  1. What the F? Monty Pontoon working? It just cannot be that there's any company so desperate to hire this visionary and steal his wisdom from the rest of us. Long live the Boob Man! And don't even think about hurting his family...though I am thinking that now that he's out of the house they may be vulnerable...though I digress!

  2. I am happy you read the blog, but I am not happy when people respond with threats. I will leave your comment up as an example but you will be banned by the site and an email has been sent to the moderators as well as a formal complaint to the police. Thankyou for viewing!