Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh no this is a new thing I am writing to you (the viewer). Lets check it out! Hello Governer, I am doing blogs on for one week! They will be posted on the main page Starting today SUNDAY (That's what she said J/K)!

I am a little Antsy because I have to be a fun ;) So since I have to be a so much fun there is only one thing to do! And that is Dairy Day! For those of you who don't know; what you do for dairy day is buy Milkand Cheese and only eat them until you are scared you may perish (I am strong like a lion!). This is where the fun begins! Now you buy more Cheese and Milk and call your parents! When they are over you say to them, "Mommy or Poppy (whoever it is) Help me I've had too much Milk and cheese! This Dairy Day has gone totally haywire!"

Then you should go to the hospital because that is much Milke and Cheese. I wish everyday was Dairy Day. I want to buy a car and say look at me because Fonzy, "Ayyyyy" (Like on the program Happiest Days by The Fonz) But good thing today is! I celebrate Dairy Day alone in my room crying by eating Milk and Cheese! I am total worthless trash!

Edit: Dairy Day is not for everyone. Please enjoy your day (That's what she said LOL)!


  1. Thanks for the blog your ideas and way of life have become very influential to me. I too now practice these family safety practices. Just the other day I was in the city when a homeless gentleman approached me and my family and I was so frightened for family's safety that i began to scream and cry. Immediately that man left my family alone. In regards to you selection by funny or die's blog of the week I congratulate you and hope you are very funny for I fear for you and your family's safety if that is not the case.

    P.S. - You should use an alias on that Funny Or Die website to make sure no one finds out anything about you or your family that they can use against you.

  2. i injoy too much your blod. I hope family is with safety and not in witness protection. My cat sleeps on my head. I hope no danger for her and that she will not scratchs my eyes while i've been asleeping. i like story about milk and cheese. i had to subtitoot yogurt but it was oK. I like goats milk too. You always talking about family safety but i wory that you want to cut bing crosby. now i worry about his family safety. I dont worry about my family because thay are all dead. i also like you're video about 5th graders show. you have nice voice, but why you are wearing hat? Is cold wear you live? I am not so much smart as 5th grade. I was in 5th grade for 3 yers but i fell alseeping. then i had to leave skool to get job. i like your blod too much again but library lady wants me to leave now so she can clean compute machine. i am hoping you have luck and sucess with counting phone numbers. i will send more message if they let me back in library. i am not too much good spellr but i can spel library because here i am. i am scared about my life also too because i hear famus guy on tv say I think therfour i am. I am wory because i dont think to much so that meens i am not? i might be confuse.
    have to leaf library now..

  3. Hello Andy, and thankyou for your post. It is is unacceptable. I've said many time that I do not respond to threats and will not tolerate any garbage-chat (cussing or swearing) on my bloge site (from the internet at If you are trying to show off for your friends that you can have fun, be prepared if it rains too (Get me?)! I hope you are a hero from your hometown so remember to watch the Television Program "Never Miss the Bell" Starring Screech Taylor and Zach Slatus!

    Who told you I am scared of people hurting my family? This is something I do not get.I MUST SUMMON MY POWER FROM THE EARTH!

    I will alert the authorities about you immediatly expect an investigation. I think I have to go to sleep but I am not sure of definite! This is my day of reckoning!

  4. Dear Maty,
    I am so sorry, but i do not understand. i am not making the threatening about your family. i like blod but do not underdstand name – why cut crosby? that sounds like threatening. i am sorry you are angry. please don't be mad at me/ i never mean harm. i just interest. boys at library show me your blod. they were laffing and i ask what is funny. they show me you blod. i don't have Tv so i watch it in library. i am Learning many new words here. who is Uncle davis/

    boys want compute machine back. i must go now. i wood like to reead your blod more butt if i say wrong thing that scare you i am sorry. then i wil not brother wil some more. i llook for other blod.
    sorry. i meane no harms
    your about me pictur llook like my friend Boris. are you Russian/
    boys want machine.must go
    why you call me Andy/ i do not know Andy. my names is Ivan

  5. Dear Andy ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I know where you are coming from but You CANNOT take my things and you CANNOT have my Social Security Number. You will never get it but maybe you will. That is what scam artist do and you are a fudging scam atist (Edit: sorry for language). Library or not I will not give you anymore attention you bird brain meat head.

    I hope you are doing well. How are you? I hope everything is good at home? Go to H E double Hockey Sticks. You are a pervert Dumbo boy! (I am so sorry. I need to impress my friends so everyone to like me or I will lose my machismo.)

    I love your post but I don't like when you said, "Hey Marty you will be a plane crash" That is uncalled for and kind of fun too! What is this Machismo day! I have it and still say maybe more? Note: You have made many Speling errors please do something on the computer called spel check before posting. Bad speling will not be tolerated on this siteYOU ARE THE BEST!

    Eat Trash and Die,
    Marty P.

  6. Hey Marty,if that's your real name. I'll bet it's Morty or Monty. This is Boris, Ivan's friend. You told him to eat trash and die. And since you told him, he tried to do it. He ate hash and pie that he found in a dumpster. The he tried to kill himself by running in front of a dog. He filled his shirt with bacon and barked at a big dog on Coney Island Avenue. He would have been killed but an old woman hit the dog with a stale bagle. Now he thinks yellow is a nice color from the front. Ivan also wanted to go to Cleveland but it was farther by air. He doesn't know anyone in Cleveland, but he wanted to see the Donut Hall of Fame, but I don't think it's there. Where else can he go, he asked me? I told him to visit you. Where do you live. I would like to meet your family. I hope no harm comes to them for what you did to Ivan. He is too old to jump from a plane. Can he call you. He was very upset when they kicked him out of the library for trying to build a sand castle in the travel section. He carried the sand is from the beach in his shoes. It took him many trips and the guard wanted to know why he kept coming and going. But Ivan said he didn't have a wheelbarrow. The guard seemed satisfied. But when they caught him he was trying bury a flounder that he was saving for his mother. He said he was trying to dry it like in the old country. They took away his library card. I hope you're happy. I don't look like you. I'm much taller. Ivan likes sheep but I bought him a goat. He is allergic to cats.
    This way he doesn't have to throw the garbage out the window anymore. But the goat smells. I spell better than Ivan. I'm smarter. The super knows there's a goat in Ivan's building but he doesn't know which apartment. He just ate the Christmas tree. Now you are asking, who? The super, Ivan or the goat? Yes, you are wondering. No? I know the answer. And you are stupid. Maybe someday a piano will fall on your foot. And then I will tell Ivan and he will laugh. I know you kill people but you are not an evil person. It is just your hobby. I saw you on the subway. You are still crazy but you like it.
    Good luck but do not take poultry on the Airbus.
    Wave to your mother.
    I'm going home now. Ha. Ha. Ha.
    Your sworn friend,
    PS. I will tell Ivan you will send him money when you become rich and infamous. And also a chicken.

    Now I know great harm will come to someone on this planet because of your viciousness.