Saturday, January 10, 2009

Financial Advice: Week 3

Like many during this financial rut, I am up to my ears in debt (I put socks on my dog and chase him around the house!). And like everyone else I am considering killing myself by poison (LOL). But then like a mesasge from heaven, I saw an infomercial with Jeff Paul's new shortcut's called "Internet Millions"! I didn't watch the entire program (because of heart palpatations) but I knew to make the 2 payments of 39.95$ ! I am happy and very worried about my liver (sometimes at night I bleed)! According to the commercial I will be making up to 40,000 smackers a week (This was a total no-brainer!)!

Like anyone who is ordering from an infomercial, part of me was concerned that the people who are involved in making "Jeff Paul's Internet Millions" are not looking out for my best interest and are secretly plotting to kill me and my family ( I must risk it to get out of debt and regain my power)! Soon I will be out of my debt and making tons of moola with all their special secrets (Only available to real members of Jeff's Online Family Community)! Finally No one will be able to stop me from buying all the Mork and Mindy gear I want! And I want a lot! I want so much Mork and Mindy gear that people will say, "Hey Partner, cut it out with all the Mork and Mindy plates and hats!" (I will be sorry for getting so much gear and I will apologize and return much of it).

(Reminder: This is me writing. It is not happening to you. I am writing it. If you get caught up in the belief of it happening, remember that you are only reading this and it is not happening to you. )

This system results in 2 words: Fast, Easy, Money! The website does all the work for you! When I recieve my moola I will buy many more Mork and Mindy hats and plates and I will use it on my debts to boot! This is a total lock and I am sorry; Please leave me be! Today is now for celebration! I spent only 80 dollars to get out of 80,000 smackers of debt (At work they call me "The Wiz" because I am sharp and fast)! If this does not work I will be in great danger of losing my home and will not be able to pay for my liver medication (LOL). But I know I did it! Finally I am a hero! Everyone can be a Champion. NEVER give into your liver pains and you too will be running for help! I am starving and now I'm going to get some grub at Papa John's! I have to drive my neighbor to the hospital tommorrow because he has stomach surgery for a life threatening condition. I hope he can STOMACH the pain (get me? "Stomach the pain" like the phrase and Stomach like his stomach bleeding.)! I hope he survives the procedure because he's the sole provider for his two children LOL.

I am almost up to full power and soon no one will be able to stop me! Have a great Spring, Sincerly Marty P!


  1. i am going to kill you and your family...i hope they pee on your face in singapore you racist prick

  2. Dear King Kong

    Thankyou very much for your comments on my blog (on the web)! I have enjoyed hearing from you and I will try to be more kind in the future! I have alerted the authorities and your threats will not be tolerated(lol).