Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exclusive Look at my New Song!

This is sure to be a number one hit! You need to have chops to sing it correctly. And for the first time here is an exclusive new look at a new song I wrote called "The World's Greatest Champion"This is going to be a bigger hit than the smash hit Batman Returns. I have watched Batman Returns over 5 times. My song isn't Batman Returns good but it is better than the summer blockbuster hit Batman Begins, starring Michael Keaton and a young Michael Keaton. Covers of this song are encouraged! Try do out do the Bear, Me Marty. Test out your chops against my chops. The song is intended to be a traditional ballad with a moderate tempo. I have put directions along with each verse on how to use your chops while singing for direction. :

Verse 1 (Mediocre Chops):
I will be the World's Greatest Champion
I hope I do not Die in a Car Accident
I will be the World's Greatest Champion
I Beg you Please don't kill my family
This song isn't as good as Batman Returns
But I hope it is as good as Batman Begins

Chorus (Building Chops):

My Father is a Champion
My Mother is a Champion
My Brother is a Champion
Please Don't take my things
This is the chorus
Don't worry you have to remember this is not happening to you
It is just a song

Verse 2 (Full Chops):
Mommy said Marty You will be a Champion
Daddy said Marty You will be a hero
I am scared I will bleed from my kidneys
I am hopeful that I won't
This is the greatest story ever told
And my favorite Movie is Batman Returns
Believe in your heart
Never Give up in your dreams (Never)
Never rush through work

Bridge (Chop Decrease and then on to Full Chops):

I am the World's Greatest Champion

I feel the joy inside my heart

I am a champion like Michael Keaton in Batman Returns

Remember Popcorn Safety from earlier in the song

And you too can be a Champion.

Chorus (Light Chops).
End (Chops Diminished) .

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