Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dating Advice: week 2

HELLO AND HAPPY 2008! Are you a having problems with women? I was once like you. But now I am back on life's track!

When it comes to women let me ask you this qeustion? Do you know about wholesale retailers? Well if you do, there is one that even you don't know about! It is a a little known store with Mega-Deals called Costcos! Please don't tell Costco I reviewed there store or they may sue me!

Costco's has it all! It has a electronics section, it has a clothing store and it even sells authentic Pizza's Fresh from the oven! (I went to space camp once and I bought a shirt there that said, "Spaced Out!" I had to leave early because I started bleeding from my eyes LOL!) Costco's is a cool store for anyone who likes to get sea food! I am allergic to crab but my doctor confirmed I am allowed eat lobster.

I'm worried people are going to cheat me out of my money and try to post my information on the internet. If you wish any ill on me I hope you choke on your own spit because I am a Champion (Please take care of yourself and do not get hurt by choking).

Costco has it all! It has it's own brand of jeans for trying on and modeling around the store (I buy Kirkland Brand Jeans because my parents won't let me wear my slacks yet)! They even has a cashier that says, " Hello Mart, you can pay for this in cash's or credits cards!" (I say back, "Cash for me, I'm scared of credit card's these days because of the economy! And they use them to track you and take your earnings!").

You will be saving so much money that you won't want to take your asthma medication (But please do, for safety)! I hope my Uncle will shut his fat stinking mouth about me! Now that you are a memeber you can go in to Costco, shop around, scope out the deals and be happy! Shut your stinking mouth Uncle David!

I love the Costco's and I love how they give you free samples (They are not for sale, but you can buy the products you test! BUT I NEVER DO!) I eat the products for free and then I always buy the products! It's like that new T.I. song says, "You can have whatever you want"! So enjoy the night scene and thank me when you are having all your new dates!

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