Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cool Trends: Week 2

The people at Segan are fresh off the drawing boards with another new gaming system sure to bring the gaming community to ruthless fun! Segan Genesis CD uses new technology known as CD-ROM, to upgrade the Segan Genesis's 16 bit graphics to 18 bits! Unfortunately the games are not real life and you are pretending to play! When you read my Blog it might give me strength!
If you want medium-octane safe fun then this reviewer has 2 words for you: 3 Ninja's Kick Back! This game has it all, Ninja's (All 3 Ninja's: Rocky Colt and Tum-Tum back to their old funky tricks) Kicking back for a funky adventure of being polite and safe to their neighbors and loved ones! I hope the ninja's know they are in a video game and say to eachother, "Hey guys let's kick back and be tottally safe this time!" I can't put this game down! I have played for almost twenty funky minutes and with a lot more to come (If I am allowed!)! I had so much fun this game had the reviewer asking himself, "What am I chopped liver?" If I get the highscore maybe I won't die!

Another game you should be sure to check out is Digital Picture's "Marky Mark's: Make My Video". This interactive Music Video simulator scheduled for release in summer 1992 takes two fresh concepts: Video games and Music videos and combines them into one ultimate gaming package! It begs the gamer to ask the questions, "Why didn't I think of this?" and "Please don't look at my family that way?" I 100% reccomend this video game and if this reviewer wasn't punished and had full television priveliges than this is the game he'd be playing it right now (Go suck an egg Dad)! With all of Marky Mark's hits this game will have hours of ferocious gameplay!

On the other hand, one game I wouldn't reccomend is "Marky Mark's: Make My Video". This interactive music video simulater was a major let down. Marky Mark may be a musical genius but there are certain things even he cannot do. This filthy piece of trash looks at you throughout the entire game like, "Hey first I'm coming for you, then I'm coming for ya family" and that is one thing this reivewer takes very seriously and I will not tolerate. Take my word for it, I was so angry I was sitting there looking at the screen asking myself, "What am I Chopped liver?" So if you want an amazing game with no let downs, and tons of fun twists, go pick up, "Marky Mark's: Make My Video"! Believe me it is an unbelievably fun thrill ride and it will have you walking around your house saying, "I am a director, can somebody change me, I think I made?"!

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