Thursday, January 8, 2009

Book Review: Celestine Prophecy

Hello and welcome to my web page on the internet called (click the link to view my blog)! I can do all kinds of things with my brain if I think about it! Everyone will die one day but I may escape if I use my brain correctly (Edit: There is no escape we all will die)! No one knows what they are doing except me because I know how to use brains! Sometimes I can drink Hi-C and my favorite flavor is lemonade and safety. What am I chopped liver LMAO? If you use your brain you are ahead of the games and no one says to you, "Are you a dumbo?" I use it for everthing!

What the Heck Uncle David? Dad said, you're a sloppy waste! Tell me the answer to this question in the comment section: What the Heck? I can watch TV or read the newspaper. Sometimes if you use your brain it's like a video game with high scores and guitar hero that is letting you live your life (right guys?). I watch Television Programs and read the New York Times and I am slowly gaining power.

Hey guys, I hope no one hurts me or tries to steal my things! I hope this makes it to the internet (this is my wish)! My brain is the best I can't do without it! My brain stinks, get it out of here dumbo! Have you seen the show King of the Hill? They are all Kings of the Hill I think (but maybe not). My biggest complaint is on one episode, The King of the Hill Hank Hills says, "Bobby What the heck?" and I hate that joke (It is like Wedding Crashers but Better!)

There is a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" because on King of the Hill they (The Kings of the Hill all) say, "Hey can I have more beers?" I think they always say this but I am not sure (Edit: They do not say this). In the Celestine Prophecy they teach you to be magic and don't threaten your family or their safety (this is a plus). The book is a page turner but WARNING: THE STORY IS NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING TO YOU, YOU ARE ONLY READING IT. I like how they try to run your life but I don't like how they hint at hurting your family (this is unacceptable). I will finish reading it when I have time.

I hope everyone is having a great Summer! Marty P.

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