Thursday, December 18, 2008

Food Reviews: Mexicano!

Today I had the pleasure of sampling a quaint Mexicano Restaurant located on a main road in a small town in New York. The staff was delightful, and the food was good to boot! I've never been so happy as to have enjoyed the company of this amazing staff and it's more amazing patrons. I've never been so pleased to wait for my food! Waiting I might as well have called it AMAZING! My waitress was named Llana, we had a nice conversation about her hometown of Valencia and staying away from my family. I ordered two chicken quesadillas, and she offered me a free app! I was so happy! I ordered the Nachos with Cheese and I begged her to not hurt me or anyone I knew. The 2 Quesadillas were sensational! I rate this restaurant with my first rating ever of: 3 Safe Families Up! I love you Mom and Dad and I don't know what I'd do without you! Please Stay away from them!

The Food was so good, I immediatly told all my friends about it! So they can enjoy the same way that I can enjoy (WITH VIGOR! RIGHT GUYS?!?! BREW CREW 4 EVA!). I ate the food kind of
fast, so I hope I don't get Hepititus. This is another concern. Thankyou for reading my blog. Please bless my family with super protection!

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