Friday, December 19, 2008

Cool Trends: Week 1

This week I'll be chatting about roller blading. I bought a new pair of blades this weekend and I plan to tear up the beach. I'm looking forward to grinding. It's very important that you stretch first before you blade. I know what you're thinking. Hey, how are we all going to blade? Don't worry I gotcha covered. I bought 3 pairs of blades. I know what you're thinking,how are we all going to blade? Well if we all switch off, everyone will get a fair chance to blade and we'll still all have fun. I can feel the fun already! Who's with me? If we get to the beach by 9am we can beat the traffic and still all get chances to blade. Everyone gets at least 10 minutes on the blades. I have my own pair and will be blading and instructing the entire time! My parents said they can be there to supervise. I hope I don't die alone.

ALL ARE WELCOME. Email me for more info.

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