Friday, December 19, 2008

Stock Tips

Although I have no formal training I have been known to have great stock tips and advice so heeeere are the tips! The market is strong right so you're going to want to invest. Please be safe and I hope everyone's parents and family are safe as well!

Here's are some safe bets:

Hollywood Video
Sharper Image
Performance Team Freight
Linens n Things
Circuit City

If you're smart you'll want to buy in now when the market is soaring. My advisor said invest in everything because there's virtually no risk. Well I bet you're saying it's easy for you to say put yours moneyk where your mouth is! Well, I personally just invested 6,000 dollars and bought a thousand shares of Hollywood Video (safe bet because everyone needs Tapes) and 400 shares of Sharper Image (safe bet because they have quirky cool gifts). I think they will both be good picks! If you do invest your money, I hope that everyone is having a fun day (because that's how they get you)!

So if you need some guaranteed extra cash play the stocks!

And remember: Everyone Wins at Stocks!

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