Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Post

I am finally blogging! Who would have thought Me? Blogging I can't believe it! I'm part of the web! That's what happens when you blog you get to talk about it on the world wide wez! But who would have thought me? Blogging! Right here on the wed! It's like Neitzshe said, If you can't blog you might as well do sandwiches! And that's time most today(right guys?)!

Thankyou for my friends God, and thankyou for the Earth! I pray that my mind doesn't make me lock my backyard gates over and over again! I hate it when it does that! Just Joshin, God can sure work in mysteries! (Soda is nice, get me?) Sometimes you find yourself have to question that guy (or gal who knows? right guys?)!

It's me! Posting right here on the world wize web...I hope no one kills my family! Sometimes I eat pasta and sometimes my parents get divorced! What a beautiful world we live in!!!


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  2. Marty HELLOO!
    It is your old friend ;) Sam, good to see that you are finally taking control of the worldww!! I will read your blogs and "POST A COMMENT" sometimes but not all the time because like you said, everyone needs time for sandwiches!


    Sam, B.