Friday, December 19, 2008

Pump it Up for Physical Fitness!

Today, I started pumping iron at the gymnasium! I couldn't believe how satisfying it felt to be at the gymnasium! I did 130 pounds for three reps on bench! Then it was time for Lats. I did 20 pounds on Lats. Then it was time to blast the legs. I did 50 pounds on legs. But then it was time for strectching. I did 30 minutes of stretching and I thought it was a good first day at the gym. I came home and my mother said, Mark why are you so tired and I said cause I basically just blasted all my core muscle groups Mom! When you do workouts you have to make sure you can't die. This was a scary part for me but I pushed through it and lived! I hope everyone loves my parents! Then I ate a big bowl of Ravioli to carboload for tommorrow where I am going to work my neck and calves! This is where we separate the Men from the boys! I have the coolest parents!

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