Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jokes: Clean Jokes and Funny Pictures!

Clean original jokes to tell for the office or workspace or workspace!!
(Feel free to post on your own blogs but Please be respectfud and give credit if used):

1. What do tacos and quesadillas have in common? Cheese!

1. What's the difference between a book worm and a book? Running! (I'm very sorry if this offended anyone, it wasn't my intention. But lighten up it's just a jokes!)

2. This is why YOU KNOW God is a man! Because there is sports on Sunday games!!!

3. There is a man who says, "here’s a Tip: Save time by hitting the return key instead of clicking on search in the google tool bar. I hope I'm not kidnapped!

4. What do you say to a man who is tired? Please sir, don't hurt my family

%. Have you heard of trains? Better stay out of their way or they'll KNOCK YA BLOCK OFF!

5. Man: And then I made my life worth the time!

Horse: Why even bother, it's only my birthday!

6. My Uncle Does Karate. He also might have liver problems.

7. Where do dogs go when they

FunPics for work:


  1. Marty HELLOO!
    It's me, Sam ;) your old friend! I recently just read your jokes, and they brought me to stitches in my stummy! My favorite is probably the one about your uncle, he sure is a kook! It sure was hard to choose one, they all are so funny they brought me to stitches in my stummy! My other favorite was probably number 1. Anyway, here's a FUN joke for you AND your whole family...

    Number games are fun(like *sudoku) except when you have type 2 diabetes!


    Sam, B.

    *for those who don't know, sudoku is an indian game of chance!

  2. post script...your pictures brought my stummy to stitches they were so funny! my favorite picture was the one with four pictures in one, because hey not only is it funny but you get 4 in 1 if you know what i mean! and the girl in the top left is like hey im trying to eat my HAIR! LOL and the one next to that is like look at me i'm trying to eat BOTH my hands! HAH(they will NEVER fit, jokes on him!) the one in the bottom left is like hey look i'm pulling my face apart making him look so weird/funny!(mexicasian to be p.c.(politically correct)) and the last one! LOL!