Saturday, December 27, 2008

Financial Advice

Hi CutTheCosby Reader, this is the second post of my financial blog with cool tips on saving cash and making moola (means money LOL)! I hope I never die. In this edition of Financial Advice I will beg for your money! I'm scared I can be homeless one days and people will take my things (Ex: Like hat or shoes). I hope you can give me 400 or 500 dollars because of charity. Please I need it for new investments and car payments, and if you don't give it to me I will be upset :(

Update (12/28/08): My Dog is fun and loves to be pet! What if he was hungry one day and bought a snack (Imagine?)

I want at least 400 but you can give more because of charity (Help me please, what if I get sick?). Cash is okay but credit cards is ok! To give credit cards post your credit card info (information) in the comments section and I will take what I think is fair (I will judge by fairness). I hope you give me at least 400 dollars! This investment is a lock! Please, don't take my hat or shoes! You are thinking, "Sure Mart, I will loan you anything but what is the catch?" That's the thing! There is no catch! You give me my money and I spend it on things I like, like shoes, hats or dog medication (My dogs are healthy boys, but I stock up for safety)! You can even give suggestions on what to do with my money (Note: No suggestions will be considered). I saw a Program called "The Family Matters" and one character named Steve Urelle said, "Did I do that?" (And he did do it! LOL!) There was a blood drive and I said, I would like to buy all the blood in case I need it (LOL)! Some people may say "What the heck?" To them I say Like Nikey sayed "Just do it!" Remember me thinking, I don't need it but I want it, well this is the time.

Please hurry and do it quickly because I am scared of the economy and I want to make sure I am safety! I'll do anything, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

Remember: Be Self Relient, be responsible for yourself, Never give up and be a hero!

I want you to help me in case I have hard times!

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