Sunday, December 21, 2008

Electronics: Week 1

Once I purchased it at the local Electronics Distributor (It's called Radio Shack but I always call it Radio C-Cuss that rhymes with Wrap! (Use your imgination for what cuss I mean (Edit for clarity: I mean Cr@p) (Edit : Like Radio Crap instead of Radio Shack), I couldn't wait to blog about my new Personal Computer by Apple Computers and Electronics?

I love to enjoy walking around the store and watching all the cool Electronics, it's like being in outer space! When the salesman told me the word cutting edge, I immediatly became nervous because of the imagery. I knew he was nice but I had to restrain myself from accusing him of being a liar. Salesman lie to you and they try to steal your money. They're all cheats, out to harm you and take your things. I'm sorry Pop Pop for your old age!

I spent a reasonable price and all in all had a fun time looking at the new electronics in stock. I hope my time away from home was fun for me, and I hope I do not cut myself later. I'm ready for anything! ANDDD REMEMBER GO GO GADGETS (Because we are talking about Computers!)

My New P.C. (Edit: P.C. stands for Personal Computer):

I apoligize for anyone offended by my use of the C-Cuss, but Radio Shack can be such Dumbos (apologies for use of the phrase Dumbos). Happy and Safe Families to All!

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